18th International Handbell Symposium

cairnsimageThe 18th Internaional Handbell Symposium

Together in Harmony – The Reef and Rainforest Ring

August 6 – 11, 2018

Cairns, tropical North Queensland, Australia

The gateway to Northern Australia.

Cairns is the International city of Tropical North Queensland and has an international airport.

It is the only place where two world heritage listed areas exist side by side – dive the depths of the Great Barrier Reef or soar above the world’s oldest tropical rainforest.  The Cairns region is where two ancient cultures meet. Explore the rich history of the world’s oldest living culture, the aboriginal people, dating back over 40,000 years.  Cairns, also hosts the rich heritage of the Torres Strait Islander people. These islands exist off the coast of Queensland, to the north of Australia.

It is the Australian winter – however weather is similar to what we’ve experienced here in Vancouver this week.