Membership in the International Handbell Committee

Guidelines/Criteria for Membership of the International Handbell Committee


The application of these guidelines/criteria needs to be sensitive to all cultural aspects and political systems to be found in the World and will therefore need to be reviewed for their applicability prior to each future application for membership.


Although not one of the formal guidelines it is expected that new Guilds will have access to electronic communication.

The organisation shares the IHC’s vision for the future ‘ promote communication between nations, handbells as a musical art, world peace through the spirit of music.’

  1. The organisation shares the IHC’s mission: ‘the promotion of the art of handbell ringing throughout the world’.
  2. That the organisation is a not for profit organisation.   (In other words any profit made through handbell associated activities is returned to the organisation to be used for and on behalf of its membership).
  3. The organisation has a set of rules by which it operates.
  4. The organisation clearly outlines the geographic space that it seeks to represent.
  5. That the organisation’s membership is open to any person/choir/team residing in that geographic space. (It needs to demonstrate that it is non-discriminatory).
  6. That the organisation’s chairperson/president and Officers are elected by the membership.
  7. That the organisation is active in the promotion and development of tune ringing on handbells through regular meetings and non-competitive events.
  8. That the organisation incorporates multiple choirs/teams.
  9. That the organisation’s membership of the IHC is recommended by two IHC member guilds/organisations.