Bill Griffin and Alison Wood Honored with Handbell Laureate Award

The International Handbell Laureate Award is presented by the International Handbell Committee to individuals who have over a period of years provided an outstanding contribution to the international development and/or performance of tune ringing on handbells. The status is deemed to be the highest award in the field of tune ringing on handbells in the international community.

This honor was given to William H. Griffin of Handbell Musicians of America and Allison Wood of Handbell Guilds of Canada at the International Handbell Symposium in Vancouver, Canada, in July.  Both recipients have made significant contributions to the development of the International Handbell Symposium and to the art of handbell ringing around the world and are well-deserving of the award.

Handbell Ringers of Singapore Accepted to International Handbell Committee

The seven member guilds of the International Handbell Committee (IHC) unanimously accepted the application of the Handbell Ringers of Singapore (HRSG) to become its eighth member during its meeting at the 17th International Handbell Symposium in Vancouver, Canada, in July.

The Handbell Ringers of Singapore began the application process in 2012 at the IHC meeting held during the International Symposium event in Liverpool, England that year.  Through the mentorship of other member guilds and the IHC executive director, HRSG worked to meet the detailed membership criteria of the IHC by developing by-laws, electing officers, welcoming members, and holding national events.  HRSG has demonstrated their commitment to the IHC mission of the promotion of the art of handbell ringing throughout the world.

As a member of the IHC, the Handbell Ringers of Singapore will join the rotation of guilds that host the International Handbell Symposium.  Their order in the rotation will be determined at the next meeting if the International Handbell Committee in Cairns, Australia, in 2018.

Here is a complete list of all current members of the IHC:

  • Handbell Musicians of America
  • Handbell Ringers of Japan
  • Handbell Ringers of Great Britain
  • Korean Handbell Association
  • Handbell Guilds of Canada
  • Handbell Society of Australasia
  • Handbell Association of Hong Kong
  • Handbell Ringers of Singapore